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About NAFI  

New Arizona Family, Inc., (NAFI) was established in 1970 to provide residential and outpatient treatment programs for low-income adults who are seriously mentally ill or chemically dependent. NAFI operates a hindustan coca cola share price residential addiction and recovery program that serves indigent women and their children. NAFI also provides extensive outpatient services to men and women who suffer from mental illness and/or substance abuse. NAFI has a long history of success addressing many of the issues and struggles addicts and mentally ill individuals and their families face. NAFI's newest activities include the how can i invest in google design, development and implementation of strategies to address the long-term needs of women and their children after treatment.

The mission of new Arizona Family, Inc. (NAFI) is to safely and responsibly assist and support individuals and families accomplish individualized goals of recovery from substance abuse and to achieve greater self-sufficiency. The vision of NAFI is to create and operate safe and supportive price of google shares in india environments where adult individuals and families can build upon existing strengths, learn new skills, and remediate previous and existing limitations.

NAFI's Continuum of Care includes:

  • residential programs
  • recovery from substance abuse
  • counseling
  • childcare
  • day programs
  • outpatient programs
  • referral services
  • support groups
  • medical, psychological and behavioral therapy
  • parenting and nutrition classes






To contact NAFI, please call 602-553-7300